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Intelligent Video Analytics / Video Content Analysis

A major asset to overall surveillance, IVA technology supports your security personnel with a comprehensive and efficient event detection and alarm system. This next-generation, intelligent digital image processing system greatly improves security and safety, keeping a constant, unblinking eye on any scene.

It working independently on each camera, IVA operates without a central analytics server. You can choose a wide variety of advanced detection functions, ranging from idle object to trajectory tracking. Live images are analyzed instantly and the resulting data stream accompanies the video feed.

Events are immediately displayed, while the data can also be stored for later review. As a complete system solution it captures comprehensive details of recorded scenes, giving you the power to find any event - even those not originally set up as alerts.

Video analytics is the practice of using computers to automatically identify things of interest without an operator having to view the video. The most commonly used types of video analytics professionally deployed are perimeter violation, license plate recognition and people counting. The commercial use of video analytics commenced about .... 



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