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Transmission Tower Anti-Theft Detection System (TADS) (TM)

Occurrence of metal theft around the country as well the rest of the world has resulted in tremendous loss of money and other resources to the Power and Transmission company worldwide. TADS (TM) is a result of months of surveys and research on the incident and criteria determination in delivering specific results; a pre-incident alert and video verification of the incident.

The system is able to detect incident prior to the actual tempering and cutting of the metal bracings of the towers and able to send video verification of the incident through wireless telco signal. The system also able to run on solar panels as well as battery hence increasing its mobility.

The system is able to differentiate false alarm caused by wind, animal presence and non-threatening human presence by focusing to the actual tampering action. Benefits of this system are:

  • Able to monitor tampering of transmission towers at remote sites.
  • Provide pre-notification and alert of tampering activities
  • Optimizing security personnel patrolling efficiency
  • Fraction of a cost compared to other detection system


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