Smart City Concept

Smart City Components



Safe City makes full use of integrated data resources throughout a city with a unified management and analysis platform. Safe City enables the government to gain a comprehensive “view” of the city and to take responsive actions or make decisions. It improves the interoperability of different systems, combines various application systems, and builds a comprehensive IVA system for urban public safety.



Mobile App that help tourist navigate to State’s tourist spot. Mobile Apps content are integrated within K-Infra cluster to encourage single platform information sharing.

Smart Kiosk that placed at Tourist Spot for Tourism Information.Efficient sharing of state tourism calendar and major events. Also serve as monitoring device to collate tourism data.



Smart Grids involve the application of advanced electrical engineering and service technologies, facilitated by ICT and accompanying solutions to effectively and efficiently manage complex infrastructure systems. technology, including software, sensor hardware and control and interface systems, be embedded in the design of new infrastructure or applied to existing infrastructure, interconnected and integrated systems which provide higher quality and higher efficiency services to the citizens.



Smart Mobility moves people and freight while enhancing human resources, economic and environmental by emphasizing on convenient and safe multi-modal travel, travel network and efficient use of land. Consist of management system that connect to cloud platform that integrate all transportation data and optimize commuting from places within the city. It captures data such as parking spot detection, real time GPS tracking of bus route and vehicle tracking notification to local authority.


Connect communities throughout the state to government policies and processes and help to improve it from time to time.

Encourage transparency on government policies and processes to citizen on general as well as better positioning the state to business communities.


The infrastructure that act as a backbone to the whole solution consist of data centre for cloud computing and communication system that regulates data sharing, data mining and specific data analytic that can be useful to address certain issues.


To promotes the state’s continuous economic growth as well as intelligent and digital innovations to attract strategic investment and sophisticated enterprises to its high-tech parks. It provides professional IT services and cloud-based data centres to help enterprises develop businesses and urban economy with CBD Bizpark, integrates industrial hi- techpark and connects AgriPark Hubs.


Citizens need ever-more information and support services from the city government which needs to ensure their availability to everybody. Public services need to become smarter: more efficient, innovative and available to all. With one unified government network with multiple interconnected platforms provides secure, reliable, and full-coverage of government services. As the core of urban management, a municipal government may face challenges from public safety, urban transport, emergency handling, energy management, and environmental protection.

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